One-to-one online Spanish lessons

From basic to advanced levels

Feel bad about never finding the right moment to finally start learning Spanish?
Now is the right time, let’s do this together!



1. ONLINE. Which makes it easier for you to learn Spanish from everywhere and to have access to a native teacher (me 🙂 ) even when living in different countries. We’ll be using Skype or Zoom.

2. CUSTOMIZED. Every lesson is designed just for you, based on your leven and your needs to help you improve better and faster.

3. CONVERSATION BASED. We will be speaking Spanish all the time, using English only when necesary. This way, you get used to listening, you start learning and improving pronuntiation and your brain is, at least for one hour, completely immersed in the language. So powerful!

4. SUPPORTED BY DOCUMENTS. I will prepare every class and will provide the documents and information needed for your complete understanding. Also, we may be using texts, songs and videos.

5. COMPLEMENTED WITH HOMEWORK, unless you require otherwise. After every class I will send you a few exercices that you have to complete before the next class.

6. FUN. During these few years of teaching and learning languages, I came to realized that me and my students learn faster and better when having fun and discussing topics of interest.

Benefits of learning Spanish

There are many benefits from learning Spanish. No wonder the number of student is increasing so much! Some of the ones I have heard are:

  • It unlocks half of the world for you as it is the second most spoken language.
  • It surrounds you by a beautiful culture.
  • It gives you access to a wide variety of great movies, books and music. Latin America and Spain are full of wonderfull creative artists.
  • It gets you closer to the beautiful Spanish and Latin American men and women. 😉
  • It improves your employability.
  • It gives you the chance to study, travel or live in so, so, so many countries.

It makes you able to communicate with more than 500 million people in the world in more than 20 countries!


Find it hard to attend group classes with fixed schedules?
⇓ Well, that’s not a problem anymore ⇓


Benefits of learning online

  1. You have access to a native tutor actually living in Spain.
  2. You can take your lessons from everywhere: home, work, a café… or anywhere you travel.
  3. You can change the time of your lessons every week or whenever needed. Flexibility!
  4. It is environmental friendly: no need to print anything.
  5. I can’t insist enough on this one: you have access to a native tutor in Spain!


Whatever it is your reason, I can help you. We will discuss your needs and I will prepare the lessons based on that, using different kinds of material to help you improve faster and with confidence.

Want to try it for FREE first?

Frustrated about not learning enough or feeling bored in group classes?

Frustrated about not being able to have a conversation in Spanish despite studying and studying?


  • Private, just you and me.
  • Customized, based on your needs.
  • 60 minutes long.
  • Conversation based.


  • 1 hour session with a native tutor.
  • Exercices and activities for the class.
  • Homework (unless not desired).
  • Student evaluations and updates.
  • Unlimited support via email or Whatsapp.
  • Lots of fun!


  • The schedules are flexible.
    You can pick different days and times every week if you so desire.

Payments must be made via Paypal, a safe and secure way to send money using a debit or credit card or a bank account linked to Paypal.

Lessons must be paid in advanced, in the booking process. You can reschedule or cancel your class 24 hours before the appointment.

Want to try it for FREE first?


See you soon!






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