Hola amigos. Some of you already know I’m a firm supporter of music as a learning tool. This is why I’m bringing you 5 great Spanish songs to learn Spanish.

It’s not just that I love music, it’s also that I proved myself that by listening to music you improve your chances of learning and integrating:

  • New vocabulary
  • Good pronunciation
  • Expressions

Of course it is important to work with music styles you like so you feel motivated and make the most out of it.

1. Amor papaya en invierno, Carlos Sadness

[LYRICS: https://www.musica.com/letras.asp?letra=2276310]

Carlos Sadness is an indie pop singer from Barcelona. He’s just 30 years old and is becoming very popular at the moment.

2. Soy y no soy, El Chojín

[LYRICS: https://www.musica.com/letras.asp?letra=2283796]

El Chojín  is a Spanish rapper. He is the current Guinness World Record holder for most syllables rapped in one minute. His lyrics are interesting.

3. Hombre bueno, Depedro

[LYRICS: https://www.musica.com/letras.asp?letra=2224861]

Depedro is a Spanish songwriter and guitarrist very well known in Spain at the moment. He is also from Barcelona.

4. Equinoccio, Nicola Cruz

[LYRICS: https://www.musixmatch.com/lyrics/Nicola-Cruz-feat-Huaira/Equinoccio]

Nicola Cruz is a French musician and DJ with Peruvian origins. He mixes electronic music with the sounds of the region of Los Andes in South America.

5. Vidas cruzadas, Quique González

[LYRICS: https://www.musica.com/letras.asp?letra=861103]

Quique González is a Spanish singer and songwriter known throughout the continent for his writing style. He was more popular a few years ago, but is still up to date. He is from Madrid.

Also, I recently heard on a radio program about a research that proved that doing sports while focusing on something improves your chances of learning. So here’s what you can do:

  1. Check the songs and their lyrics
  2. Include them on your regular playlists
  3. Go for a run or a walk or by bike while listening to that playlists
  4. Pay attention when the Spanish songs are playing and sing if you dare!

Esto es todo por ahora, amigos.

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