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I know numbers is a basic topic and it can be boring, but it is so useful it becomes very important. You need to know the number when you are:

  • Talking about events on your life: dates are numbers.
  • Discussing prices for services (like Spanish lessons ;).
  • Making an appointment: time is numbers.
  • Negotiating a purchase (like when buying a car or anything).
  • Just doing the groceries at the supermarket.
  • And many more daily situations.

I find that most Spanish learners have trouble with:

  • 6 (seis) : 16 (dieciséis), 60 (seSenta), 600 (seiSCientos).
  • 7 (siete): 17 (diecisiete), 70 (seTenta), 700 (seTecientos).
  • 5 (cinco): 15 (quince), 50 (cincuenta), (quinientos).
  • 9 (nueve): 900 (novecientos).
  • 21, 22, 23: veintiuno, veintidós, veintitrés. BUT 31, 32, 33: treinta y uno, treinta y dos, treinta y tres.

For me, it is not so important to write the numbers properly. Nevertheless, I find that when there’s a problem with the spelling there’s usually a problem with the pronunciation. This is why I recommend focusing a little on the spelling first and practicing conversation based on that previous work.

Here you have a quick review on the numbers. Below, I will leave you a few exercices I prepared for you.

Shall we start?

Los números en español

Gratis: exercices to practice the numbers

Here you have a few exercices. These are pdf documents and you can write ON them if you want to.

>>DOWNLOAD FOR FREE: Exercices Part 1

>>DOWNLOAD FOR FREE: Exercices Part 2

Let me know if you found these hard or anything you think about it 😉


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