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I have an exercice for you today. We are going to practice Spanish listening, writing and vocabulary in just one exercice. I know: wow!

I prepared a dictation for you. It is the first chapter of a book called “Alguien tendría que prohibir los domingos por la tarde”, by Isabel Coixet, a famous Spanish film director (and writer, obviously 🙂 )

I need to warn you: it is not an easy exercice. It is for upper intermediate level and advanced. Anyway, if you are not there yet, I recommend you do it having that in mind, you’ll definitely learn a lot –just don’t stress out.

Spanish dictation: what do we do exactly?

If you’ve ever been to school (which you have :P) you know what a dictation is about: you listen to someone speak and you write down what you hear.

We are doing the same here.

There’s an audio file you can download below. You will listen to me reading that chapter I told you about, it’s called “Domingos por la tarde” and writing it all down.

But firts:

  1. Listen to it a couple of times!

And then, listen to it again and start writing. Pause as many times as you need, rewind, start again.

You will listen to words you never heard before. Some of them you don’t need to learn just yet. Some of them I didn’t even know myself! Like “batracio” -a former group comprising the amphibians [See? No need to know that 🙂 ]

Do not worry, you don’t have to know everything.

The main point here is that you practice listening and writing.

Also, you will be able to download the text I was reading so you can check later, look out the words you don’t understand and read it while listening to the audio as well.

This kind of exercices is powerful. I tell ya!

Resourses to download

Audio: Domingos por la tarde [Download here]

Texto: Domingos por la tarde [Download pdf here]


Nota importante: remember I was born in Argentina, that is why I don’t pronounce the sounds C or Z, it all sounds like S. Don’t get confused about that, it is just my accent 🙂


¿Listos para empezar? Let me know how it went, if you found it hard or just okey or good or boring, I’d love the feebback: hola@hablaespanolonline.com

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