Listening problems when learning Spanish

Most of my students say that one of the hardest things about learning Spanish is understanding when a native speaker talks to them. I’m afraid this happens when learning any language and the only thing we can do is to practice.

It happened to me when I was learning English. But then something occured in my life and I realized something interesting: I went on Erasmus and met lots of international people from different places around the world and we were all speaking English. Suddenly, it seemed much easier for me understand. You know why?

Other foreigners talking the same foreign language I was learning sounded a lot like me. This may seem a bit useless, but, in fact, it is the best first step to getting used to listening to a language you are learning. Talking to and listening to other foreigners learning the same language!

This is why I bring you this listening exercice today. It’s a short interview between a native Spanish speaker and a foreinger speaking Spanish. The conversation goes slow enough for you to follow if your level is close to beginner. It is also nice if you are intermediate already 😉

Listening exercise in Spanish

Ejercicio: Bárbara empieza hoy un curso de español en España. En su escuela le hacen una entrevista para conocer su nivel. Escucha y completa en un cuaderno la ficha de inscripción.


How did it go? Did you get all the answers? Write a comment below if you want me to share the answers with you!

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