I can help you learn Spanish for real

Hola, me llamo Gaby.

I’m half Argentinian and half Spanish. Also, I am a certified teacher and the founder of Habla Español Online. Nice to meet you!

I can help you learn the real Spanish, so you can properly express yourself and understand what you are being told in real life situations.

Let me explain a little more:

These last few months in Spain I realized there is an increasing number of Spanish learners that travel here to learn the language –and I talk to many of them.

They try to make an immersion experience out of their trip, but they go to the cafés and the shops and the restaurants and they realize they don’t understand anything because people speak too fast or use some slang or expressions that nobody taught them or weren’t on the books.

It is hard to learn a language from books and then realize you barely understand a few words when in real life.

It happened to me just like this when I was learning English.


That is why I know it is key to take conversation based lessons with a native teacher.


Then, why learning with me?

When I teach my students, I emphasized in real life language:

  • pronunciation,
  • expressions,
  • different ways of saying the same thing,
  • words that sound similar but have completely different meanings,
  • formal vs informal Spanish,
  • and a variety of knowledge and tips that are very useful not only when reading, but also when actually communicating in real life.

You know? I travelled a lot to non-Spanish-speaking countries and there were many times when I didn’t have a clue what I was being told. I was able to read novels in English and write essays, but when being out there, talking, working and interacting with real people in real life I was lost more often than I like to admit.

Does this happen to you with Spanish? I bet it does! We’ve all been there…

So I would like to put an emphasis here: I’ve been there. I was the learner, I was the foreign, I was in confusing situations trying to express myself. And I thrived!

Plus, I now know what really matters when it comes to learning a foreign language.


I can help you learn Spanish for real life

Are you ready to start?


Here’s my story

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and moved to Spain with my family when I was ten.

I started teaching English in extracurricular activities when I was 18 and I loved it. I remember telling my mum I wanted to become a teacher.

Then I didn’t… I studied Communication because I also love writing and photography. However, life in college and after it wasn’t what I expected so I started travelling.

First, I spent one year in Oslo, Norway, doing an Erasmus exchange that actually changed my life. Here is where I taught Spanish for the first time to a Norwegian girl who was helping me improve my English in return. After that, I came back to Valencia and did what I thought I was supposed to do: get a professional job in a communication company.

Well, it was hard. Because, mostly, it was boring. So I quit and moved to Budapest, Hungary, and spent seven month writing articles for a cool website about the city, among other things. Working in an office full-time wasn’t my thing here either, but I met a lot of people from everywhere —which is the best part— and had the chance to teach some Spanish again. Nevertheless, I was still very confused about what life was about and what I should do, so after a few months back in Spain I moved to… Brisbane, Australia! to try and figure it out.

Needless to say it didn’t work how I expected either, haha… But many things happened there, many people, many experiencies. And after a little more than a year I moved back to Spain. This time it was Ibiza where I settled for a while, before I started my four-month backpacking trip through South East Asia (Nov, 2016).

That travelling adventure was my last bet. I said to myself that was it, everything I needed to find was within me. So I was throwing myself out there, alone, one more time, so I could see and listen and finally find out.

Should I say that… it didn’t work? Well, it did! 🙂

Eventually, I realized that every experienced I ever had, every trip I took, every relationship I got involded in, every job I tried, everywhere I’ve been in the last six years of travelling, have been adding up to the person I am today and have helped me realized what I really want, what I really like and what I’m not willing to do anymore.

And that is what I am doing here: living the life I want, while helping others build theirs.
Because I know how beeing able to speak another language opens so many doors and brings on so many amazing and unexpected opportunities and experiences.


Not sure if I can help you yet?


See you soon!

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